YOCY brand focus on design and produce the artistic dildos, anal plugs and vaginas, with prototypes mainly covering three series: Dragon, Monster, Hero. The design and the function of YOCY is different from the regular dildo, as we want you to touch places you haven’t touched, to feel sensations you haven’t felt, shiver sensations are new, exciting, with new orgasms which will never stop. Whether you have a partner or not, our products can add a different color to your sexual life.

YOCY sextoys only are made of high-quality platinum liquid silicone, safe for the body, including combinations in different mixed color, also having different functional items in optional . Every design of the shape and the function, from sculpting, molding, mixing, to pouring, is carefully hand-crafted, tested and finally reviewed by our engineers who have been in the industry for decades of mass production. If a popular model is accepted by the market and the demand is gradually strong, we start to copy the batch molds for meeting mass production, so as to supply the ever-increasing demand.

Dragon Series

Jurassic dinosaur featured dildos. The products are magical dragon-inspired dildos/anal plugs.

Monster Series

Magical monsters featured dildos. The products are magical dogs and horses-inspired dildos/anal plugs.

Hero Series

Aliens featured dildos, with wearable devices. The products are human-like dildos and anal plugs.

Characteristics of Brand YOCY


Colourful and artistic silicone adult products, featuring three series:

Dragon, Monster and Hero.


Colour Technology

starting from the combination of 2 colours in the early period, now the technology creates a flesh-like mixture of 6 colours. The early-period simple 2-colour fluorescence products are now up to a luminous mixture of 13 colours.

Design Technology

starting from absorbing ideas from abroad in the early period, now the design technology is completely innovative and self-designed. The design goes from outside to the inside, involving Chinese and Western magical culture.

Function Technology

starting from public product moulds in the early period, now privately-designed moulds with water-squirting or vibration modes are available. Instead of simple outer skin design, the skin can now be strippable, especially the testicles’ skin.